Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fujirock festival is held in an outdoor venue. at mountain.
The weather on the mountain is variable.
I recommend these three items!!
*rain wear

*rubber boots

*small chair

It is sunny, but Suddenly hard raining...
night time is cold. you bring jacket is better.


so I strongly recommend you bring nice rain wear.
some overseas people bring plastic rain wear.
short time is OK, but sometime there is all day hard raining, so nice rain wear is better like this↓

and I recommend wear rubber boots.
The ground is muddy.

I wore sandal(BIRKENSTOCK) when I went to Fujirock first time , my foot got bloody...
I got a big blister both foots.... I almost cry.... Never wear sandal at Fujirock!!
I recommend these rain boots.
This rain boots is very popular in Japan which made by Wild Bird Society of Japan.
The rubber is very soft, so you can fold the boots!
I have brown one. I love it! The price is around $50.

and I also have a hunter! Hunter has nice cushioning.

and I recommend small chair.
you can buy at $1 shop(daiso).

The venue doesn't have chair. If there is raining, the chair is very useful!
I carry the chair use by hook put on my backpack.

many people use "shinkansen"=bullet train to get the venue.
The station name is "echigoyuzawa".
It takes about 1.5 hour from Tokyo.
echigoyuzawa station has many Shuttle buses(free) to the venue.
It takes about 40min by shuttle.
very long line up at echigoyuzawa station....:p
I usually stand in line about 1-2hours....

This rice ball is super yummy!
The restaurant name is "雪ん洞yukinnto" at the station.
Niigata is very famous delicious rice producing area.
If you have a time, please try it!!
massive size rice ball!!

very beautiful venue!!

red marquee has roof!
If it is hard raining, very nice place....
and I like this venue's music.

good food!

Fuji rockers fashion!!


main stage's great performance!!

I can't wait until summer!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bumbershoot Valentine 2014

I get

Be Ours.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Japan also has Rock festival as bumbershoot.
I introduce some Japanese rock festival.

Fuji Rock Festival --------- Naeba, Niigata ----- Jul
Summer sonic --------- Tokyo, Osaka ----- Aug
↓most of all Japanese artist↓
RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL ---------Otaru, Hokkaido ----- Aug
ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL ---------Hitatinaka, Ibaraki ----- Aug
Asagiri Jam ---------Fujinomiya, Sizuoka ----- Oct

Specially Fuji rock festival and Summer sonic are really nice rock festival!!
World famous rock artist are cominng!!
Fuji rock festival is held at country side.
very nice view! and good foods!!
but the weather change easily...
you must bring rain wear and rain boots! It is serious!

Summer sonic is held at Tokyo and Osaka.
It likes as bumbershoot. city rock festhival.
you can eat food inside. Don't warry about rain and strong sunshin!!
It is around 38℃ in Japan at summer. very Hot!

I will write more imfomation about Fuji rock festival next time.